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THINK AND GROW VEGAN - reader reviews

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"Saved money since reading this"

I’ve never had any intention of reducing my meat consumption for any reason, however myself and my partner have recently started saving for a house, and were now watching the pennies! A friend of mine mentioned that she has saved money since she stopped buying so much meat and fish during the week. So I thought before we start dropping foods from our diet we’d better look more into it to see if there was going to be any knock-on effects to our health. This book totally reassured me of the process and that we would be fine. The plant-based alternatives listed really helped to shine light on what we could be having instead. Also, there is a section in the book that talks in detail about dropping foods. Its early days, but we’ve both felt better since reducing our meat and fish intake following the advice in this book. We’ve also saved a few quid on our weekly shop.

Bethany - Review

"Gradual is best"

I took on my own plant-based diet in pretty much exactly the same way as Glen did in the story. Have to say I wish I wrote a book too as its going to help a lot of people! I’ve never looked back and have seen many others try but give up because they’re trying too much too soon and have put too much pressure on themselves. Great job. 

Jules - Review

"Feeling confident enough to give it a go"

I’ve secretly been doing a bit of a plant-based diet in my home for a while now, but always cook or order food out at restaurants containing meat if with friends or family. I don’t mind the taste of meat, but I could easily live without it. The main reason I still cook or order meat out is purely so I don’t have to justify to others why I’m not eating it and I don’t want to cause any inconvenience, or be judged. I’m worried I’ll be known as a 'vegan’ and people will stereotype me as being annoying, malnourished or too extreme. Reading the story in this book has totally put my mind at ease and made me realise that its completely possible to live a normal lifestyle without causing an inconvenience to my social life. I definitely think that I’ll be taking on a jovial, chilled approach when explaining my dietary requirements to friends, family and when out at restaurants or on holiday.  

Imogen - Review

"Refreshing and balanced take on a potentially polarising subject"

The book really helps to break down any perceived barriers in society between meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans by speaking to everyone in the same way. What the author has done so well is essentially appeal to everyday life and convenience throughout any of the stages, something I feel we could all relate to! As a vegetarian myself, who is comfortable with my diet, and with no intention of going fully plant-based currently, I was impressed by how non-judgemental it came across, even despite how controversial the subject is made out to be in the mainstream. In the past, I have always felt pressure from both meat eaters and vegans to be one or the other, but now I’m just going to do my thing having taken on some insights from the book and see where it takes me. 

Greg - Review



by Glen John Jones

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