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Nice to meet you, I’m Glen!

Having been involved in the fitness industry since 2008, I have been extremely fortunate to have contributed towards many clients reaching their goals and beyond. My tenure in the industry involves experience across some of the most well known commercial gyms and sports supplement companies in the UK, as well as a stint ‘down under’ in Australia!

A Personal Trainer and Deep Tissue Masseuse based in South London, Glen strives for and works with a wide range of clients—each with different personalities, body types, and goals. His clientele varies from those who are relatively new to training but want to lose weight and tone up ... to the all-round, fit, gym-goer who wants to take things up a notch ... to the competitive Ironman looking to qualify for the World Championships in a few years’ time. His prerogative for all of his clients is to give them more energy and zing in every part of their day.

A firm believer that there isn’t a “one size fits all approach” to achieving fitness goals, Glen takes a multidimensional approach to training with close attention to detail. This can include many specific protocols benefiting strength, mobility, core, endurance, sports conditioning, corrective exercise, injury rehabilitation, body composition, plant-based nutrition, and overall energy levels.

In 2016, Glen was approached by an old friend from nursery who had gained investment to open a boutique fitness studio in the local area. They became business partners, opening Studio 234. These old school pals were featured in the local Guardian on page 3: #Lifegoals. Glen now does the majority of his personal training and massage therapy at Studio 234.

In 2017, Glen competed in the Reebok Spartan Beast in Edinburgh, Scotland, coming second out of around 800 participants. This subsequently led to him being featured on the BBC Good Food website as “The Vegan Personal Trainer”, where Glen explains how his diet affects his career and his clients.

Despite this book tip-toeing into certain aspects of nutrition and the value of meal preparation, Glen is admittedly not a big lover of cooking, being neither particularly good at it, nor naturally passionate about it. For this reason, he truly believes that if he can adopt a plant-based diet without too much drama and feel better all over for this, then anyone can! Glen’s story is relatable to many who lead busy lifestyles and want to feel better.

When not training his clients, Glen enjoys swimming, cycling, running, indoor bouldering, hiking and training at Studio 234 in all things fitness. If he is due to compete in an upcoming event, his training regime becomes more intense and specific to the task at hand and this ultimately shapes his routine, including his nutrition.

His future projects to include more books, delving into other specific subjects such as fitness, and online training and nutrition programmes for clients worldwide.

You can find Glen at:
Instagram: @glenjohnjones



If you want to reduce your meat intake, go veggie or plant-based but have concerns about inconvenience, nutrition, or “the perfect diet”, this book will give you:

• Insights and little gems that you can implement in your everyday life.

• Simple, experience-backed answers from someone who does fitness and nutrition for a living.

• Essential advice on plant-based nutrition, body composition, saving money on food, eating out with friends, and explaining your diet to others.

• And the knowledge and confidence to have a go at a plant-based diet.


"Easy to read, flows really nice and have learned a bit too" - Book review

As someone involved in the fitness industry myself, I can relate to Glen’s story because I have been tempted to eat less meat for environmental and ethical reasons, but have been worried about protein intake. It's really handy to have someone from my industry speak so openly about their experience, so that I can learn from that and not make the same mistakes they have. I learned more than I expected, and have passed on some of this knowledge to my clients. Especially bits from the misconceptions, summaries and plant-based alternatives sections. 

Jamie - Review



by Glen John Jones

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