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by Glen John Jones

Gradually adopt a plant-based diet with confidence in five stages


What is the book about?

As a diet choice, reducing meat consumption and potentially working towards a plant based diet is growing in take-up. But there’s still a lack of realistic, good advice out there on how to make a healthy, comfortable transition. This book shows you some ideas on how you could make the transition to a plant-based diet smoother if you wanted to ever try. 


About the author

Glen John Jones is a Personal Trainer who spent 27 years of his life as an avid meat eater, then suddenly felt the urge to stop eating meat. Despite concerns and being scared to change at first, he could no longer fight his gut feeling. Fast forward six months and all animal products were off the menu. What’s more, Glen felt better than ever, and the transition was smoother than he expected.

In Think and Grow Vegan, Glen reveals his journey from meat-eater to vegan through five stages: reduce, pescatarian, vegetarian, mostly vegan, and vegan. He also shines a light on common misconceptions about food, with easy-to-digest summaries of up-to-date research. His honest account will act as a guide for you if you decide to make the transition from any of these stages.

"Relatable" - Book review

Having tried many times to adopt a plant-based diet, only to go back to eating meat and dairy, it was refreshing to hear there was someone else who had experienced pretty much the same things as myself before eventually succeeding. Glen’s story has really opened my eyes up to the unnecessary pressure I was putting myself under before to have ‘the perfect diet’. I now know that it's completely possible to enjoy the process whilst I learn and adapt as I go along with no deadline. 

Abby - Review


"Helps to have an honest and down-to-earth take on the subject of meat reduction without being so righteous and preachy" - Book review

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to eat less red meat having heard the news reports that it could give you cancer. Ever since then, we’ve seen the uptake of a plant-based diet in the mainstream and have occasionally tried many plant-based recipes in-home. On the most part, we have been pleasantly surprised by how nice they have been without meat, to the point where we don’t miss the meat in the recipe. Glen’s story has really opened our eyes to the simplicity of further reducing our meat intake all the way through to a plant-based diet if we ever wanted to go there. Maybe just not with the ‘vegan’ label though! But we now know more about all that too, so we’d be comfortable trying at least. 

Mark - Review


by Glen John Jones

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